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The Key to Healthy Energy

Healthy Energyby Linda Gabriel

Healthy energy is flowing energy.

Did you know you have an energy body, as well as a physical body? When we feel trapped or stuck in life, it’s a clear sign that our energy isn’t flowing. No one likes the feeling of being stuck in traffic. In Chinese medicine, pain is an indication that your energy is blocked in the area that hurts.

Being overweight is a physical sign that your energy isn’t flowing properly. Fat is stagnant energy. When you get your energy moving, you’ll lose weight automatically.


One of the best ways to get energy flowing is to breathe. I mean really breathe, deep into your belly. Have you ever watched a newborn baby breathe? Perhaps you’ve noticed how the baby’s belly visibly moves with every breath. That’s how I want you to breathe; deep into your belly so that with each inhalation you can feel your belly gently expand and then with each slow exhalation, feel the belly gently relax.

Your Body is Designed to Move

Exercise is another way to move energy. Walking, especially outdoors in nature, is a great way to reset your energy flow. Medical experts suggest walking 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. This is not for weight loss, it’s for normal health.  Your body is designed to move. When you’re sedentary you are blocking your natural flow of energy.  The paradox is, the less you move, the less energy you will have so you won’t feel like moving! But if you make walking 30 minutes every day a part of your normal daily routine, you’ll actually increase your energy. Expending energy increases energy. Deeper breathing is a normal result of exercise so you get the added energy benefit of breath.

Stretch Your Body, Stretch Your Mind

Stretching gets your energy moving. Yoga is a great way to stretch, move and increase flexibility. It’s also good to stretch your mind by learning something new. Challenging yourself to stretch beyond your comfort zone is a great way to infuse your life with new energy. It’s important not to try too much at once. No one can run a marathon without some training. So whether it’s exercise or learning something new, it’s okay to take baby steps.

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