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Linda Gabriel (photo by Mary Ann Halpin)

Every year people spend billions on pills, equipment, and books in the effort to lose weight. Yet the number of overweight people in North America keeps rising.

Why? In my opinion it’s because the vast majority of weight loss products and information fail to address the root of the problem.  Your weight problem isn’t just physical, it’s mental, emotional, and yes, spiritual.

What if I told you that in order to lose weight and keep it off, it’s as important to manage the thoughts you feed your mind as it is the food you eat?

In order to address these issues in 2006 I wrote a book called Weight Loss Forever which spent some time in Amazon’s top 10 list of books on ‘hypnosis for diet.’ Soon afterward I created a 12-week teleseminar “bootcamp” based on the principles in my book and which have helped my clients lose weight easily, automatically and permanently – because when you change your mind, your body reflects those changes automatically.

Diet 4 Your Mind builds upon and adds to the principles I wrote about in Weight Loss Forever as well as what I learned by teaching others how to shift their thoughts so they can change their bodies, and more importantly, their lives.  I’m so eager to share what has worked for me and so many clients.  I look forward to our conversations.

Linda Gabriel

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